Solid phase extraction for trace analysis

  • method based on the distribution of compounds between a stationary phase (selected sorbent) and a liquid phase (sample)

Principe de l’extraction sur phase solide :

  1. Conditionnement du support
  2. Percolation de l’échantillon : si le soluté présente une forte affinité vis à vis de l’adsorbant, il reste totalement fixé sur celui-ci
  3. Une étape de lavage est ensuite réalisée pour éliminer les interférents sans en affecter la rétention du composé sur le support
  4. Elution du soluté par un faible volume d’un solvant éluant par rupture des interactions solutés-adsorbant

Research axes :

  • Model of the retention process using the strong analogy between SPE and elution chromatography
  • Evaluation of SPE sorbents and optimization of SPE procedure of trace analysis
  • On-line SPE-liquid chromatography coupling and its miniaturization

Recent Collaborations/project: ANR BMAALS (2011-2015)

Recent publication:
Validation of the analytical procedure for the determination of the neurotoxin β-N-methylamino-L-alanine in complex environmental samples, A. Combès, et al. Anal Chim. Acta 2013, 771, 42-49

Highlights :

  • Organization of professional training for technicians or engineers from the French industry or from public institutes in Sample treatment in trace analysis of organic compounds
  • Participation to the scientific committee of the Internal Symposium on Sample Treatment (Extech, HSTP-HTC series)


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