Khirreddine Bouchouareb received the award for the best poster at the HTC-17 congress (18-20 May 2022, Ghent (Belgium)).
The title of the Poster : Parallel artificial liquid membrane extraction of organophosphorus nerve agent degradation products from environmental and biological samples


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Key publications

I. Azzouz, A. Essoussi, J. Fleury, R. Haudebourg, D. Thiebaut, J. Vial : Feasibility of the preparation of silica monoliths for gas (...) 

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Thesis Defense

Pauline Bosman will defend her thesis on October 28th 2022 at 9h am, Amphithéatre Holweck, ESPCI Paris La thèse s’intitule : "Study of the salivary (...) 

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