Année 2010

  • J. Vial, D. Thiebaut, P. Sassiat, M.S. Beldean-Galea, M.J.G. Ramos, G. Cognon, S. Mallipattu, B. Teillet, M. Bouzige : Comprehensive Two-Dimensional GC of Supercritical Fluid and Pressurized Liquid Extracts of Tobaccos, J. Chromatogr. Sci. 48 (2010) 267.
  • P. Thebault, S. Boujday, H. Senechal, C.M. Pradier : Investigation of an Allergen Adsorption on Amine- and Acid-Terminated Thiol Layers : Influence on Their Affinity to Specific Antibodies, J. Phys. Chem. B 114 (2010) 10612-10619.
  • B. Teste, J. Vial, S. Descroix, T. Georgelin, J.M. Siaugue, J. Petr, A. Varenne, M.C. Hennion : A chemometric approach for optimizing protein covalent immobilization on magnetic core-shell nanoparticles in view of an alternative immunoassay, Talanta 81 (2010) 1703-1710.
  • P. Poncet, H. Senechal, G. Clement, A. Purohit, J.P. Sutra, F.X. Desvaux, J.M. Wal, G. Pauli, G. Peltre, M.L. Gougeon : Evaluation of ash pollen sensitization pattern using proteomic approach with individual sera from allergic patients, Allergy 65 (2010) 571-580.
  • J. Petr, B. Teste, S. Descroix, J.M. Siaugue, P. Gareil, A. Varenne : Separation of alpha-lactalbumin grafted- and non-grafted maghemite core/silica shell nanoparticles by capillary zone electrophoresis, Electrophoresis 31 (2010) 2754-2761.
  • B. Omais, M. Courtiade, N. Charon, D. Thiebaut, A. Quignard : Characterization of Oxygenated Species in Coal Liquefaction Products. An Overview, Energy & Fuels 24 (2010) 5807-5816.
  • R. Mazmouz, F. Chapuis-Hugon, S. Mann, V. Pichon, A. Mejean, O. Ploux : Biosynthesis of Cylindrospermopsin and 7-Epicylindrospermopsin in Oscillatoria sp Strain PCC 6506 : Identification of the cyr Gene Cluster and Toxin Analysis, Applied and Environ. Microbiol. 76 (2010) 4943-4949.
  • T. Matrab, F. Hauquier, C. Combellas, F. Kanoufi : Scanning Electron Microscopy Investigation of Molecular Transport and Reactivity within Polymer Brushes, Chemphyschem 11 (2010) 670-682.
  • F. Malloggi, N. Pannacci, R. Attia, F. Monti, P. Mary, H. Willaime, P. Tabeling, B. Cabane, P. Poncet : Monodisperse Colloids Synthesized with Nanofluidic Technology Langmuir 26 (2010) 2369-2373.
  • S. Lordel, F. Chapuis-Hugon, V. Eudes, V. Pichon : Development of imprinted materials for the selective extraction of nitroaromatic explosives, J. Chromatogr. A 1217 (2010) 6674-6680.
  • H.Y. Li, V. Dauriac, V. Thibert, H. Senechal, G. Peltre, X.X. Zhang, S. Descroix : Micropillar array chips toward new immunodiagnosis, Lab on a Chip 10 (2010) 2597-2604.
  • N. Ktari, P. Poncet, H. Senechal, L. Malaquin, F. Kanoufi, C. Combellas : Patterning of Polystyrene by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy. Biological Applications to Cell Adhesion, Langmuir 26 (2010) 17348-17356.
  • N. Ktari, S. Nunige, A. Azioune, M. Piel, C. Connan, F. Kanoufi, C. Combellas : Managing Micrometric Sources of Solvated Electrons : Application to the Local Functionalization of Fluorinated Self-Assembled Monolayers, Chemi. Mat. 22 (2010) 5725-5731.
  • M.C. Hennion, P. Gareil, A. Hagege, A. Kuhn, V. Pichon : Analytical chemistry and society, Actualité Chimique (2010) 55-63.
  • W. Hadj Ali, D. Derrien, F. Alix, C. Pérollier, O. Lépine, S. Bayoudh, F. Chapuis-Hugon, V. Pichon : Solid-phase extraction using molecularly imprinted polymers for selective extraction of a mycotoxin in cereals, J. Chromatogr. A 1217 (2010) 6668-6673.
  • T. Dutriez, M. Courtiade, D. Thiebaut, H. Dulot, M.C. Hennion : Improved hydrocarbons analysis of heavy petroleum fractions by high temperature comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography, Fuel 89 (2010) 2338-2345.
  • T. Dutriez, M. Courtiade, D. Thiebaut, H. Dulot, J. Borras, F. Bertoncini, M.C. Hennion : Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Heavy Petroleum Fractions by Liquid Chromatography-High-Temperature Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography : Breakthrough for Conversion Processes, Energy & Fuels 24 (2010) 4430-4438.
  • T. Dutriez, M. Courtiade, D. Thiebaut, H. Dulot, F. Bertoncini, M.C. Hennion : Extended characterization of a vacuum gas oil by offline LC-high-temperature comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography, J. Sep. Sci. 33 (2010) 1787-1796.
  • F. Deiss, C. Combellas, C. Fretigny, N. Sojic, F. Kanoufi : Lithography by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy with a Multiscaled Electrode, Anal. Chem. 82 (2010) 5169-5175.
  • A. D’Amato, A. Bachi, E. Fasoli, E. Boschetti, G. Peltre, H. Senechal, J.P. Sutra, A. Citterio, P.G. Righetti : In-depth exploration of Hevea brasiliensis latex proteome and "hidden allergens" via combinatorial peptide ligand libraries, J. Proteomics 73 (2010) 1368-1380.
  • A. Cingoz, F. Hugon-Chapuis, V. Pichon : Total on-line analysis of a target protein from plasma by immunoextraction, digestion and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, J. Chromatogr. B 878 (2010) 213-221.
  • A. Berisha, C. Combellas, F. Kanoufi, J. Pinson, S. Ustaze, F.I. Podvorica : Indirect Grafting of Acetonitrile-Derived Films on Metallic Substrates, Chem. Mat. 22 (2010) 2962-2969.
  • C. Sarazin, N. Delaunay, A. Varenne, J. Vial, C. Costanza, V. Eudes, J.-J. Minet, P. Gareil : Identification and determination of inorganic anions in real extracts from pre- and post-blast residues by capillary electrophoresis, J. Chromatogr. A 1217 (2010) 6971–6978
  • C. Sarazin, N. Delaunay, A. Varenne, C. Costanza, V. Eudes, P. Gareil : Simultaneous capillary electrophoretic analysis of inorganic anions and cations in post-blast extracts of acid-aluminum mixtures, J. of Sep. Science 33, 3177–3183
  • C. Sarazin, N. Delaunay, A. Varenne, C. Costanza, V. Eudes, P. Gareil : Capillary and Microchip Electrophoretic Analyses of Explosives and their Residues, Separation and Purification Reviews 39, 63–94
  • F. Adam, D. Thiebaut, F. Bertoncini, M. Courtiade, M.C. Hennion : Supercritical fluid chromatography hyphenated with twin comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography for ultimate analysis of middle distillates, J. Chromatogr. A 1217 (2010) 1386-1394

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