The LSABM is a teaching and research laboratory.

This team is working on the design and study of new analytical and bioanalytical strategies to meet significant societal demand from many socio-economic domains (industry, public health, food safety, environment, personal safety, fraud, doping, etc.). These requests have many common aspects, namely a need for rapid, low-cost, easy-to-use analyses in the field and from very small or complex samples, very often with compounds to be determined at trace levels.

To answer this, the current themes concern the separation sciences coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry and/or the implementation of multidimensional systems for the analysis of complex samples. In the case of targeted analysis, they also include the design of new highly selective phases for trace analysis by immobilizing biomolecules such as antibodies, aptamers or by the synthesis of molecular or ion imprinted polymers. To adapt these tools to small sample volumes, the miniaturization of integrated analytical systems is one of the priority research areas, whether the fluids are controlled by electroosmotic or hydrodynamic flow. An originality of the work is the synthesis of sorbent in situ in capillaries or in chip microchannels. Thus, this research activity concerns the development of tools for the analysis of small molecules (pesticides, drugs, toxins…), ions but also macromolecules (petroleum additives, proteins...) in various types of samples (biological fluids, environmental samples, food...).

The laboratory also has more specific research objectives in the field of chemistry for the environment with the study of the fate and migration of the latest generation of pesticides, the environmental fate of bioactive substances (drug residues, toxins, hormone disruptors) and toxin studies produced by microalgae. Monitoring methodologies in a security / defense context are also developed in relation to the NRBC program.


Practical information

Headmistress : Pr. Valérie Pichon
email : valerie.pichon (arobase)
CBI’s Administrator : Isabelle Borsenberger +33 (0)1 40 79 46 35
Administrator Assistant : Hélène Dodier +33 (0)1 40 79 46 35