Electrophoresis on chip

  • Transfer to chip format of new electrokinetic methods developped first in classical capillary format to save time and money, such as an example for affinity measurement of biomolecules bonded on nanoparticules
  • Development of miniaturized bioanalytical methods.
    Example: Soludiag ANR – Method development for the diagnostic of allergy by ELISA tests involving nanoparticules bonded with allergens and integrated in a microfluidic microsystem
  • In situ synthesis of monolithic stationary phases for preconcentration and electrochromatographic separation

  • CZE analysis of lanthanides at trace-level (Post-doc : M. Beneito, FPGG)

Collaborations : MMN ESPCI ParisTech (Dir. Prof. Tabeling)


  • Versatile method for electroosmotic flow measurement in microchip electrophoresis, Y. Shakalisava et al, J. Chromatogr. A 1216 (2009) 1030-1033
  • Integrated microdevice for preconcentration and separation of a wide variety of compounds by electrochromatography, G. Proczek et al, Electrophoresis 30 (2009) 515-524


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