Characterization of the degradation products of amines used for post combustion CO2 capture

Problematic: exhaustive inventory of amine degradation products, produced during the capture process :

  • in the aqueous amine solution (liquid phase)
  • in the treated fumes emitted to the atmosphere (gas phase).
    → Development of sampling and analysis strategies for the liquid and gas phase → identification and quantification

Implemented methods:

  • For sampling/sample handling:
    • solid phase extraction (SPE),
    • solid phase microextraction (SPME),
    • liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) on cartridges,
    • extraction and thermal desorption on tubes, dynamic headspace (DHS)
  • For separation :
    • gaz and liquid phase chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GC/MS, LC/MS-MS)
      → Complementarity of methods for identification purposes

Collaboration: ANR Dalmatien, ADEME, EDF

Ph. D in progress : Lorena Cuccia (2014-2017)


  • Amine Degradation in CO2 Capture. 2. New degradation products of MEA. Pyrazine and alkylpyrazines: analysis, mechanism of formation and toxicity; A. Rey, et al. Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control 2013, 19, 576-583
  • Validation of a Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry method for targeted degradation compounds of ethanolamine used in CO2 capture: Application to Real Samples, V. Cuzuel, et al. Oil & Gas Sci. Tech. 2014, 1-12
    Amine Degradation in CO2 Capture. 3. New degradation products of MEA in liquid phase. Amides and nitrogenous heterocycles, C. Gouedard, et al. Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control 2014, 29, 61-69


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