Search for orthogonal mechanisms for multidimensional separations

The detailed characterization of complex samples requires a dramatic increase of the resolution and selectivity of the separation method.

  • Comprehensive hyphenation of both dimensions
  • Different retention mechanism in both dimensions.
  • Thorough studies on the measurement of orthogonally illustrated by experiments in two dimensional comprehensive liquid chromatography (LCxLC)
  • Innovating developments in the field of data analysis
  • Application to the separation of phospholipids families by LCxLC (ANR Omégasomes)

GCxGC Chromatogram of an extract of tobacco leaves

Collaborations : Equipe de Statistiques Appliquées de l’ESPCI, ANR Omegasomes


  • Orthogonality measurement, Al Bakain et al., J, Chrom. A, 2011, 1218, 2963-2975
  • Relationship solutes/orthogonality, Al Bakain et al., J. of Chrom. A, 2012, 1232, 231-241


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