Multidimensional separations

- Approach widely explored in gas chromatography (GCxGC)
- Innovating developments in the field of headspace sampling
- Demonstration of the feasibility of comprehensive supercritical fluid chromatography (SFCxSFC)

  • Studies in progress :
    • Food-processing industry : Off flavor compounds likely to be formed in the frying process
Chromatogram of an edible oil after 15 heating cycles, in white, the compounds responsible for the fishy odor
    • Forensic : chemical fingerprint
    • Environmental area : waste water treatment, drug residues

Collaborations: Lesieur, AgroParisTech, Dim Analytics, IRCGN


  • Waste water, S. Beldean et al, Anal. Methods, 2013, 5 ,2315-2323
  • Headspace techniques comparison, L. Sghaier, et al. Submitted à J. Chrom. A

PhD in progress : Lilia Sghaier (2012-15), Vincent Cuzuel (2012-15)


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