• Aptamers = short single-stranded oligonucleotides (DNA or RNA, typically 20-100 base pairs) whose sequence is able to specifically bind (a) target molecule(s) with high affinities that can be equivalent to those of antibodies
    • Possibility to selectively trap a target analyte from a complex sample while removing other matrix components from final extract.
  • Aptamers are identified for each target molecule within randomly synthesized nucleic acid libraries by an iterative in vitro process of selection and amplification
    • Chemical synthesis
  • Affinities that can be equivalent to those of antibodies
    • Possibility to reach enrichment factors similar to those obtained with immunosorbents

Application of oligosorbents :
Analysis of Ochratoxin A in a wheat extract

  • Recent studies:
    • Development of oligosorbents (OS) for various molecules in various application fields
    • Evaluation of different types of solid sorbents allowing the grafting of aptamers
    • Miniaturization of oligosorbents by the grafting of aptamers on monoliths

Collaboration: ANR Mycodiag


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