These are solid sorbent (silica particles, agarose gel, monolith…) covalently grafted by antibodies specific of a molecule or of a group of structural analogs.

This approach exploits:

  • The high affinity of the antigen-antibody interaction, thus yielding high enrichment factors when percolating high sample volumes
  • The high specificity of the recognition mechanism, thus allowing the removal of other sample components during the sample percolation

Recent studies:

  • Development of immunosorbent for various molecules, from pesticides, drugs…to proteins
  • Evaluation of different types of solid sorbents allowing the grafting of antibodies
  • Direct on-line coupling of immunosorbents with liquid chromatography
  • Miniaturization of the immunosorbents

Recent collaborations : INRS, DGA

Example of the use of immunosorbent :
Analyse de pesticides dans l'eau de Seine avec et sans immunoadsorbantAnalysis of pesticides in Seine River water without and with an immunosorbent

Recent publications:

  • Immobilized antibody on a hybrid organic-inorganic monolith: Capillary immunoextraction coupled on-line to nanoLC-UV for the analysis of microcystin-LR, F. Brothier; et al. Anal Chim Acta 2013,792, 52-58
  • Bioaffinity sorbent, V. Pichon et al., In Comprehensive Sampling and Sample Preparation, Volume 2, Pawliszyn, J., Lord, H. L., Eds, Elsevier, Academic Press: Oxford, UK, pp 359–388, 2012
  • Total on-line analysis of a target protein from plasma by immunoextraction, digestion and liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry - A. Cingöz, et al.; J. Chromatogr B, 878 (2010) 213-221

PhD student : Maud Bonichon (2014-17)


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