Miniaturization of selective sorbents and coupling with nanoLC-MS

  • Synthesis and characterization of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP) produced in situ as monolith in a 100 µm-diameter capillary and coupled on-line with nanoliquid chromatography

    PhD : F. Bel Hadj, V. Thibert
  • Synthesis and characterization of immunosorbents and of oligosorbents by covalent grafting of the biomolecules (antibodies, aptamers) on monoliths prepared with organosilanes ( obtained by Sol-Gel approach) and coupled on-line with nanoliquid chromatography

PhD students : F. Brothier (2011-2014), E. Fazel (2014-2016)

Publications :

  • Aptamer-based sorbents for sample treatment – A review, V. Pichon, et al, Anal. Bioanal Chem. 2014
  • Miniaturisation de supports à base d’anticorps et d’aptamères pour l’analyse de traces, F. Brothier, et al, L’actualité chimique – nov 2014 - n° 390
  • Immobilized antibody on a hybrid organic-inorganic monolith: Capillary immunoextraction coupled on-line to nanoLC-UV for the analysis of microcystin-LR, F. Brothier; et al Anal Chim Acta 2013,792, 52-58
  • Bioaffinity sorbent, V. Pichon et al , In Comprehensive Sampling and Sample Preparation, Elsevier, Academic Press: Oxford, pp 359–388, 2012


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