Selective SPE sorbents

Principle: use of a sorbent that allows the selective trapping of target analytes without retaining other matrix components in order to facilitate and to improve the reliability of the analytical method

Analysis of triazines in a soil extract (obtained by solvent extraction) with or without a purification on a selective sorbent allowing the extraction of three triazines (1. atrazine, 2. simazine, 3. terbutylazine)

Developed sorbents :

  • Immunosorbents : based on antibodies covalently immobilized on a solid phase
  • Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP) : polymeric sorbent containing specific cavities obtained by radical polymerization or by a Sol-Gel approach
  • Oligosorbents based on aptamers (DNA or RNA single strands selected for their high specificity for a target compound) covalently immobilized on a solid phase


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